Global Change:   State of Maine Reports



      Several new initiatives in the State of Maine were begun in 2019 in order to make the State carbon-neutral in the upcoming 2 decades, as well as improve the environmental health of our State.  Although some may argue that these initiatives are merely part of our political contests, it is not the point of this webpage to enter into political disagreements.  Instead, scientific assessment of the likely upcoming climate change has been presented in the reports by the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change.  The initiatives in Maine can and should be evaluated in comparison with the presented scientific assessments.  And so the State’s policies are presented here.


Several young seals are playing near the research vessel.  (photo by J. Christensen.)  

Coastal mudflats, common along the Maine shore, are nearly identical to the flat seafloor under the Gulf of Maine.  (photo by M. Christensen-Fletcher.)

A white anemone living in the deep Gulf of Maine. White ghost shrimp to its left feed off of anemone’s leftovers.  (photo by R. Langton.)


Executive Order 10 (9-23-2019)

2 pages

This order by the Governor directs state government to find ways to make Maine carbon-neutral.



Lead by Example


32 pages

This report tells of the goals for the state of Maine to transform its functions to a less hydrocarbon-fueled energy mode in the upcoming years. It also proposes that the private sector also undergo significant change toward a less hydrocarbon-fueled future.



Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Introductory Webpage

3 pages

The Governor’s webpage outlines the goals and accomplishments in dealing with these issues