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Our world and our oceans are in the midst of catastrophic change




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      New England Oceanographic Laboratory is actively engaging in scientific research concerning the past, present, and future state of the Gulf of Maine and the wilder oceans. The increased understanding that is gained about the oceans will play a role in evaluating how we as a society will mitigate climate change. Your support will increasingly enable us to continue our important mission.  For more information about our activities, please visit our Projects page and Literature page.

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Our planet — as it is now!

Our world

      World-wide climate is changing dramatically. Greater numbers of more-intense storms, droughts, and heat-waves are impacting nearly all areas of the planet. Zonal climate belts are migrating northward, driving the invasion of more southerly species of plants, insects, and animals.


Our oceans

      Ever hotter equatorial waters are bleaching many coastal and island coral reefs and endangering their dynamic and diverse ecosystems. Warmer waters are moving northward, threatening the long-stable cold water fisheries and ecosystems. Polar ice is melting adding to sealevel rise. Ocean acidification is adding to the threats to marine life.


Our Community

      Societies and local communities throughout the world are under pressure from these forces. In Maine, our marine-based community is finding that existing practices no longer seem adequate, and our communities are rebuilding infrastructure and altering policies for the anticipated changes. And above all, the future is highly uncertain. For the oceans, better understanding of change and its implications,  via research, may help mitigate the climate impacts. 

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