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Research, Key to Successful Stewardship of the Oceans

     New England Oceanographic Laboratory actively explores the Gulf of Maine and the wider earth-ocean via basic and applied research, publishes and shares content about ocean research, and promotes education about the oceans for the public.

     For more about our work, please visit our Climate Change, Ongoing Projects and Literature tabs. Please check out our Giving page and consider helping us with our work!

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A wolf fish checks out its neighborhood in the deep Gulf of Maine.   (Photo by R. Langton.)

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     New England Oceanographic Laboratory Inc is a non-profit tax-exempt organization that actively engages in scientific research concerning the past, present, and future states of the Gulf of Maine and the wider oceans

      Our focus is on the current and changing conditions of the waters and underlying sediments, and on impacts of ocean’s changes on the global ecosystem and society. We embrace dynamism and innovation, so our research teams win funding for and lead research projects from government agencies and private organizations. When possible, results of these projects are presented in publicly available forums, including traditional scientific literature, agency data repositories, and in our own web-based articles.



The ice-breaking research vessel, Louis S. Laurent, approaches the R.V. Polar Sea (not seen) in the Arctic summer fog near the North Pole.  (photo by J. Christensen.)  

A white anemone in the deep Gulf of Maine feeds off of small species caught in its “arms”.   (Photo by R. Langton.)

A scientist completes the deployment of an instrument package as the vessel catches a swell and the aft becomes awash.  (photo by J. Christensen.)

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      The Global Change tab provides key scientific documents and policy about on-going and future climate change.

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On-going Projects

      The Projects section provides project descriptions and downloadable scientific data.

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Published Literature

      Important published studies by New England Oceanographic’s scientists are listed under Literature

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